Review from Dr. Mommy

August 18, 2009

DrMommy reviewed our PlasmaCar a few weeks back and I didn’t get a chance to post it on our blog until now. She had some really kind words to say, and even mentioned that it is one of the best reviews she has done to date! Thank you for the kind words. Included in this post is a video of her child Jakob using the PlasmaCar:


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Driving in Dubai

August 7, 2009

Happy Friday!

Who is looking forward to the weekend? I’m heading up to my cottage myself for a few days, so I am pretty exited. Tell us what you’re up to!

I just received an e-mail yesterday from a reviewer in Dubai who got to test out a PlasmaCar. Her review is posted on We were especially curious to see what they had to say since most of our reviewers are from Canada and the US. Needless to say, the people of Dubai like the PlasmaCar too – head over and say hello!

If you didn’t tune in yesterday, I posted a brief video of clips I shot with our company camera. For those who are curious to see exactly who we are, watch it on Youtube, or you can go to our last blog post.

Have a good weekend! Who wants to bet that it’ll rain? 😦


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Behind the Scenes at PlaSmart Inc.

August 6, 2009


A few posts prior I mentioned that the office got a hold of a Flip Video Camcorder. Well I took it out a few days ago and made a quick ‘behind the scenes’ video and uploaded it to Youtube for those who are interested in learning more about us! Here is the video!

We’re not too scary looking, are we?


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