Office Activities

August 21, 2009

Hello everyone,

A few potential candidates have already filtered into our office, dropping off resum├ęs, and some have even come in for interviews. We’re really excited about having some new staff around here at PlaSmart; business has been expanding and the workload is piling up! I have the privilege of sitting near the entrance to our office so I get to see almost every single candidate. I really like seeing their expressions on their faces when they walk in to see me playing with toys at my desk. What else do you expect from an employee working for a toy company?

Speaking of toys, I mentioned a few posts ago (feels like an eternity) that there was a new toy on my desk. Well, I finally got some images for it! I’m delighted to present to you PERPLEXUS. PERPLEXUS is the latest product to be distributed by PlaSmart. It’s a spherical maze which houses a tiny silver marble and 100 obstacles that you must maneuver through. Players must twist, flip, and turn the transparent sphere strategically, working with gravity in order to control where the marble goes. We’ve been having little office competitions with this thing for the past week and we’re loving it. I’ll try to get some video footage!

That’s it for now. Going back to the JOB OPENINGS, we are looking for candidates for our Accounts Receivable, Sales, and Warehouse positions. We are located in Ottawa, ON (Canada). I received a Tweet from @Nightowlmama asking if we were based in Ottawa, IL a few days ago so I figured I’d clarify. We had a chuckle! She’s a good one to follow!




August 21, 2009

Hello again,

What’s better than working for a toy company? Not much! PlaSmart has position openings for Accounts Receivable, Sales (in-house), and Warehouse. If you are interested, or know anyone who may be interested, please let us know. E-mail Thanks!

PlaSmart is located in Ottawa, ON (Canada).