Driving in Dubai

August 7, 2009

Happy Friday!

Who is looking forward to the weekend? I’m heading up to my cottage myself for a few days, so I am pretty exited. Tell us what you’re up to!

I just received an e-mail yesterday from a reviewer in Dubai who got to test out a PlasmaCar. Her review is posted on www.sandierpastures.com. We were especially curious to see what they had to say since most of our reviewers are from Canada and the US. Needless to say, the people of Dubai like the PlasmaCar too – head over and say hello!

If you didn’t tune in yesterday, I posted a brief video of clips I shot with our company camera. For those who are curious to see exactly who we are, watch it on Youtube, or you can go to our last blog post.

Have a good weekend! Who wants to bet that it’ll rain? 😦


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Behind the Scenes at PlaSmart Inc.

August 6, 2009


A few posts prior I mentioned that the office got a hold of a Flip Video Camcorder. Well I took it out a few days ago and made a quick ‘behind the scenes’ video and uploaded it to Youtube for those who are interested in learning more about us! Here is the video!

We’re not too scary looking, are we?


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Post Long Weekend Updates

August 5, 2009

Hello again,

The August Long Weekend just passed and everyone in the office seems rejuvenated from the rest. A bunch of us are gearing up to head down to Toronto for the Canadian Gift and Table Association show, and we are extremely exited! It will be Plasmart’s first appearance at the event.

There’s some other exciting news: for those who missed out on the first few PlasmaCar giveaways, don’t be disappointed! Sandy from Shopaholicmommy.com posted her review of our PlasmaCar, and it includes a giveaway opportunity! Head over to the site now and enter to win. We’d like to thank Sandy for being a great blogger to work with! Check out her video:

We’ve also received another review from an organization close to home. OakvilleMoms.com informed us that they have posted a review of the PlasmaCar on their site, and we are happy to hear that they love it!

Best wishes,


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PlasmaCar Video from Karen C

July 31, 2009

Just got this video from Karen C from 3GarnetsN2Sapphires. Check it out! Stop by her blog too!

*The video shows her children using the PlasmaCar on hard-wood floors. PlaSmart would like to mention that while the PlasmaCar works well on this surface, in few cases the PlasmaCar may scratch or leave marks on hard-wood. Use with caution!

Thanks for the video Karen!


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Nutshells and Last Day Giveaways

July 31, 2009

Elizabeth from ANutInANutshell.com sent us her review of the PlasmaCar today and the response on her blog has been fantastic! She’s posted some great pictures of her children using the PlasmaCar, and perhaps with some persuasion from the blogosphere we can collectively convince her to post some photos of her on the PlasmaCar! Head over and demand photos!

In other news…
It’s July 31 2009 – goodness the summer flies by, doesn’t it? It’s the last day of the month, and it’s also the last day to enter to win a PlasmaCar from a few giveaway contests. If you’d like to enter to win a PlasmaCar, visit these websites and try your luck out:

GobsForGiveaways ENDS TODAY!
MommyLovesIt ENDS TODAY!

Best of luck to all entrants! There will be more giveaways/contests in August – we have partnered with a few bloggers out there who are running Back to School Events so check back frequently.


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Review (x2)

July 30, 2009


Earlier this morning I received a tweet from @ticklemom and she informed me that another PlasmaCar review has been posted on the TickleTickle Blog. We are delighted to hear that it has been a great hit with the family! The review even went further to say that the children were curious enough to ask how the PlasmaCar actually works. Future engineers perhaps? 🙂

For those who are curious, click here for a video to see the physics of the PlasmaCar. If reading is your thing, I found a write up from the University of Toronto about the physics of the PlasmaCar, and you can read it here! Enjoy!

We had another review just come in today as well. I feel like we’re going to get a huge barrage of reviews/giveaways soon because of the highly anticipated “Back To School” events happening in the blogosphere. This review was from TooMuchSugar4U and we could not be happier with the result. Please stop by the site and check out the review, as well as other great product information.

That’s it for now. If you see any other reviews/giveaways that we are not aware of, don’t hesitate to tell us via twitter (@PlaSmart), or you can message us on Facebook (facebook.com/plasmart).


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PlasmaCar Review from BeautifulAngelzz

July 28, 2009

Toni from BeautifulAngelzz was kind enough to write up a review of our PlasmaCar! We would like to thank her for taking the time to write a fun and positive review. She also snapped a few pictures and took a video of her daughter using it. You can view it below:

If you are a blogger and would like the chance at reviewing the PlasmaCar, please feel free to contact us at jiash@plasmacar.com with subject “PlasmaCar Review” to see if you qualify. Though we cannot guarantee that everyone who wishes to review our product will receive one, we do try our best. We encourage feedback too so feel free to drop us a comment or two!

In the meantime, we’ll catch you later on Twitter (@PlaSmart) or on Facebook (if you aren’t caught up with our recent news, we FINALLY got a vanity name: facebook.com/plasmart).


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