Review (x2)


Earlier this morning I received a tweet from @ticklemom and she informed me that another PlasmaCar review has been posted on the TickleTickle Blog. We are delighted to hear that it has been a great hit with the family! The review even went further to say that the children were curious enough to ask how the PlasmaCar actually works. Future engineers perhaps? 🙂

For those who are curious, click here for a video to see the physics of the PlasmaCar. If reading is your thing, I found a write up from the University of Toronto about the physics of the PlasmaCar, and you can read it here! Enjoy!

We had another review just come in today as well. I feel like we’re going to get a huge barrage of reviews/giveaways soon because of the highly anticipated “Back To School” events happening in the blogosphere. This review was from TooMuchSugar4U and we could not be happier with the result. Please stop by the site and check out the review, as well as other great product information.

That’s it for now. If you see any other reviews/giveaways that we are not aware of, don’t hesitate to tell us via twitter (@PlaSmart), or you can message us on Facebook (


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