2009’s Fastest Growing Companies – PlaSmart

Well it has been a great year for us here at PlaSmart Inc…

We are excited to hear that the Ottawa Business Journal has ranked PlaSmart Inc. as the 7th fastest growing company for 2009 (based on revenue growth). It is such a thrill to be ranked in the top 10! Feel free to check out the article here. Be sure to check out the other great local companies that were listed.

Additionally, PlaSmart Inc. ranked 13th on Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies on Profit100 (for 2008). Feel free to check out the list here.

We hope that this trend will continue, and hopefully PlaSmart will creep its way up even higher in the rankings! Perhaps the launch of Yummy Dough will help us out (to be available in summer 2009).

Best wishes from PlaSmart Inc.


One Response to 2009’s Fastest Growing Companies – PlaSmart

  1. norma says:

    Congratulations on your achievements. I just started a relationship with your company and it’s good to know what a great company you are. I wish you continued success and look forward to growing with you. The Plasma Car is so much fun.

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